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Fast shipping! Convenient daily pack

I received the package one day after my order, faster than most sold from amazon.

This product has smaller bags inside. Will update after using this.

healthy supplements

This health product is very easy to use and it is my first time to buy it. It is very helpful for me to improve my health.

Worthy to try

I always feel emotional, anxious around 1 week before my period and usually have cramps within period. My friend recommended me this. Just started trying and hopefully it can help ease my PMS and cramp.

Like the all-in-one design

Extremely convenient and thoughtful. I’m interested in trying Dong Quai, Vitex, St. John’s Wort, and Vitamin B6, and see how it helps balance my hormones.

MenstrEaze: Comfort in Every Phase
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Great product, love it !

A great product for middle-aged women. I felt a difference after taking it for just a few day! Love it !

The rose roll on is definitely my go to…

The rose roll on is definitely my go to lover during my period.

All I need in one pack

Very convenient packet for daily use, easy to bring one small pack without carrying the whole bottle. It contains black cohosh, vitamine b6, and magnesium in one pack, which are the ones I am seeking for.

Good for hormone balance

Good for hormone balance!

Feel better

 I decided to try something new for the past few days. Surprisingly, I feel better and less anxious now. Curious to see if there are any other improvements. Also, the daily packaging is very thoughtful and convenient.

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