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MenstrEaze Care Programs


Explore the MenstrEaze Care Program, adaptable for various durations.

It's an AI-driven, tailored menstrual health solution offering over 100 personalized strategies for immediate and long-term relief. Effortlessly integrate it into your daily routine.

Choose from scenario-based or preference-based packages for unique challenges. MenstrEaze empowers you to confidently and independently support your menstrual comfort.


Over the past century, there have been numerous publications researching various aspects of menstrual health, covering different conditions and perspectives.

This extensive body of research has contributed to building an evidence-based model that supports AI-driven solutions in this field.

By analyzing and integrating these diverse studies, it's possible to create more informed and effective tools for addressing menstrual health issues. This approach highlights the importance of a comprehensive understanding of menstrual health, drawing from a wide range of scientific studies to inform technology-driven interventions.


Based on decades of research publications on menstrual health and utilizing data modeling from Silicon Valley, this program is exceptionally unique, focusing on trustworthiness, convenience, and personalization for menstrual comfort.