Research Publications on Lavender Aromatherapy for Sleep Quality Improvement

Lavender aromatherapy has shown significant potential in improving sleep quality among midlife women with insomnia, evidenced by decreased scores on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.

While existing literature provides promising evidence of lavender's efficacy in managing sleep disorders across diverse populations, the need for more rigorous and prolonged clinical studies is emphasized to solidify evidence-based conclusions regarding its impact and underlying mechanisms.

The effect of lavender aromatherapy on autonomic nervous system in midlife women with insomnia; Evidence-Based Complementary And Alternative Medicine, 2012; Link

Participants in the experimental group reported a significant improvement in their sleep quality after receiving lavender aromatherapy. This was measured using the Chinese version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (CPSQI), where a notable decrease in the score was observed, reflecting better sleep.

A critical review on clinical evidence of the efficacy of lavender in sleep disordersPhytother Res, 2022; Link

This critical review provides promising evidence of the lavender efficacy for sleep disorders in a wide variety of populations and diseases. However, further clinical studies with robust design and longer durations of intervention are necessary for more evidence-based judgment on its effect on sleep problems and to investigate its mechanism of action.