Pamprin vs Midol

Pamprin and Midol are both over-the-counter medications commonly used to treat symptoms associated with menstrual cycles, such as cramps, bloating, and mood swings. However, they have different formulations that may make one more suitable than the other depending on your specific symptoms.


  • Typically includes a combination of acetaminophen for pain relief, a diuretic to help with bloating and water weight gain, and an antihistamine that can help with irritability or moodiness.
  • Often used to target bloating and water retention as well as cramps.
  • The antihistamine in some Pamprin formulas can cause drowsiness.


  • There are different Midol formulations, but many include acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain relief, caffeine for fatigue, and a diuretic to combat bloating.
  • The presence of caffeine can help with tiredness and can also provide a boost of energy, which can be helpful if you are feeling sluggish during your period.
  • Midol can be particularly effective for those who experience significant fatigue during their period, but the caffeine might not be suitable for those sensitive to stimulants or those who want to avoid them.

Both medications should be taken as directed on the package, and it’s essential to look at the active ingredients in the specific product you’re considering to make sure it’s appropriate for your needs. If you’re taking other medications, have health issues, or are under 18, you should speak to a healthcare provider before taking either medication to ensure it is safe for you. 

At MenstrEach, we promote a natural remedy as a preventive approach.

The Period Essential Nutrient Harmony by MenstrEaze is crafted in the USA as a natural remedy targeting menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms. The regimen suggests taking a daily pack for one menstrual cycle, advising to begin 4 to 5 days before the period starts to potentially notice benefits.

This preventive approach to menstrual wellness emphasizes the importance of consistent supplementation for managing symptoms effectively. 

Refer to the Publication Portal for more scientific research, or explore the Remedy Protocol Explorer for more studied protocols on menstrual cramp relief.

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